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The Humanist Tradition In The West Alan Bullock

The Humanist Tradition In The West

Alan Bullock

ISBN : 9780500013717
208 pages
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 About the Book 

Good place to start in tracing the history of humanism and the early philosophers and naturalists who contributed their ideas. A bit disjointed, but overall good way to get a feel on how progressive ideas and archaic ideas play tug-of-war with accepted moralities. It has an impact on our laws and what is accepted in society, so I think its an important discussion. Quite a lot of history fit into a more cohesive whole after reading this book, and I learned quite a bit about what humanism is NOT.What turned me off was the complete lack of acknowledgement of the blatant hypocrisy of humanists who contributed willingly to a culture of slavery and the oppression of women. How does white male supremacy not get called out in a discussion about white males who own slaves while discussing how all men should be free? I understand that I must accept the parade of white men when reading any book on the history of thinkers or philosophers because they apparently were the only ones who got to do thinking or philosophizing, but a modern author who doesnt include this disparity commits a severe over-site in my opinion. You cannot discuss a humanists philosophies and conveniently omit their acceptance of slave ownership- this myopic discussion is incomplete and tainted the book for me.