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The Papers and the Papers Sanford J. Ungar

The Papers and the Papers

Sanford J. Ungar

Published May 1st 1972
ISBN : 9780525041559
320 pages
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 About the Book 

This book was extremely helpful as I researched the Supreme Court case New York Times Company v. United States. Unger tells the story in its entirty not leaving out a single possible detail. That is also the reason that I did not give this book five stars. At times the information was simply overwhelming.However, Ungar presents the complicated information in an easy to understand manner (as understandable as stuff like this can be) with more than adequate details. I would definitely use this book as a solid reference on the topic. That being said, a table of contents would have been extremely helpful. (I noticed that detail when I was flipping back through the book to try to find some details on how the case originated to use in the case brief I am writing.)I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves history, especially constitutional history.